Along Came King Oorey...

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Along Came King Oorey...

Post  Kingy on Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:44 pm

One of the most powerful Knights ever born into the Great Nation, Lord Oorey was favored for the crown. After the death of King Badda, Lord Oorey was voted to the crown by the Fafle Shire Order of Knights, the oldest order of its kind. As King, Oorey began a secret campaign to expand the rather small nation of Nissentia. The operation was hidden behind false reports of continued attacks from other nations. The citizens were coddled with propaganda that the "Great Nation" of Nissentia would face all challenges. The citizens were advised to avoid traveling outside the nation and to offer all aid possible. So began the darkest days for the rest of the world and the Golden Age of Nissentia.
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