Mudjor, The BlackSmith

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Mudjor, The BlackSmith

Post  MudjorTheBlackSmith on Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:33 pm


Age: Old

DoB: Many years ago

Height: 5"7

Weight: 237 pounds

Personality: Mudjor is a hard edged man. He values strength and strength alone. He was a smith at the exact same spot when the fallen star fell. Its presence corrupted him and allowed him the powers he now commands. He can seal energy, cause catastrophic with the bellow of his voice. He is sarcastic at times, and other times serious as all hell


Country Affliation: Doesn't belong to a National Affiliation, but resides at the Fallen Star in Nissentia.

Rank: Commoner

Equipment: A forging Hammer

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