Lady Susan Markington [REPOST OF OLD THREAD]

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Lady Susan Markington [REPOST OF OLD THREAD]

Post  SusanMarkington on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:51 pm

Name: Susan Markington

Age: 12 (1/19/2013); 16 (TBA)
DoB: February 16
Height: 5ft.
Weight: 96lbs.
Personality: Susan is nice to her family, friends and fellow knights. She loves to fight and protect her land.


Country Affliation: Nissentia
Class: squire (1/19/2013); soldier (TBA); sentinel (TBA); Master Warrior (TBA); Fafle Knight (TBA)
Rank: Lady
Equipment: Sword, Helm, armor
Volition Powers Known: confusion, death blow, Blunt blast, weaponless slash, White smoke, shocking touch, stingy mud

Background: Susan was born of Sarah and Jack Markington. She was brought up learning the ways of the kingdom and who she was to respect. Susan loved her parents and she respected them. One day her father was sent out on a mission for the empire and he never returned. He was killed in battle and she was only 11. Now at the age of 12 Susan follows in her father's footsteps as she becomes a squire and begins to work her way up to the knights of the round table.

At the age of 16 Susan lost her mother in a deadly house fire. She then found a bunch of stuff in the family safe for her coronation. After finding a key inside a pumpkin pie Susan and her teammate Kanta return to Lord Hyjoo. They give him the key and find out that it's for a door to the other realm where demons live. Susan still wanted to serve the King and her country no matter what the cost was. After sparring Kanta she was summoned to the headquarters of the Fafle knights for a meeting. At the meeting she gave Kanta the second emerald ring and found out that a strange power let them communicate holigraphically to each other. Now facing the truth about her love for Kanta, Susan fights on to reveal the truth.

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