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Zeke Allbright

Post  Thanatos on Mon May 19, 2014 2:40 pm

Name: Zeke Allbright

Age: 20

DoB: August 19

Height: 5'11

Weight: 170 lbs.

Personality: introverted, practical, logical, spontaneous, adventurous, resolved, independent, fearless, loyal, analytical, realistic, optimistic, interested, quiet, curious, circumspect, individualistic, action-loving, venturesome, cool, dispassionate, reserved, skillful, confident, independent, communicative, down-to-earth


Country Affliation: Nissentia

Class: Officially an Apprentice, he hides his true power which is Lord Mage Level.

Rank: Commoner

Equipment: Canvas Scrolls, Enchanted Paintbrush, Small straight-edge sword.

Volition Powers Known: (I'll add this section in sometime this week...)

Background: An orphaned child taken in by Nissentia. Zeke was raised by Walter Allbright, a mapmaker and adviser for the council of the Fafle Shire. When Zeke became an adolescent, he apprenticed his guardian in the art of making maps. The Fallen Star dramatically changed the landscape from ancient times, and continues to do so, thus new maps are needed every other year to reflect these changes. On the battlefield, a general cannot make his strategies without one of these maps. So by decree of the King, all mapmakers are contracted to their nations military. Refusal to hand over their works is tantamount to treason. Zeke apprenticed his guardian until he was 16 years of age, then fate would intervene.

While out on an expedition, Zeke and his adoptive father were attacked by a powerful demon. They were no warriors, and the serpent-like creature toyed with their lives, killing Walter within 10 minutes. The beast then tore into Zeke with both tooth and claw, tormenting him, and slowing killing him. As the demon closed in, a man appeared between the beast and its prey. The man was a legendary Demon Slayer, known by the name "Amaranth".

Amaranth also had the distinction of being one of the original 9 sages. His volition power was called "Chroma", and he fought only with paint. It was a peculiar, yet devastating power. In this instance, as the Serpent demon charged him, Amaranth gracefully whisked his brush horizontally, spraying the creature with red an orange hues. He commanded out loud, "Magma" and in the same instant the paint covering the demon became as such. It scalded and torched the demon's flesh. Amaranth uttered a second word, "Obsidian." The paint turned glass black, and the demon indeed resembled an Obsidian statue. With one firm kick, Amaranth shattered the figure into pieces.

Zeke was spared from death, but he was not without detriment. Vast amounts of volition had infiltrated his body from the injuries the demon caused him. Feeling pity for the young man, Amaranth allowed Zeke to now apprentice him. Zeke's new mentor taught him how to control his volition, he taught him about the arts, and the histories of the world. In the end, Amaranth even partitioned some of his own techniques to Zeke, who transformed them and made them his own. Three years passed, and Zeke would soon turn 20 years old. The sage felt the time was right, he needed to return to his solitary travels, and Zeke needed to return to Nissentia. The sage explained to Zeke, that he needed to find his own destiny. "You must take your leave of me, you are capable of defending yourself and making your own decisions. You have a purpose don't you? And I know your purpose is not with me. We shall part ways, perhaps forever in body, but our spirits will remain bonded through our memories. Farewell."

Some months later, Zeke finally returned to Nissentia. He had drawn up many maps of the country. He re-applied for citizenship and went before the military to offer up his services as a mapmaker. The quality of his samples were astonishing, and he would soon be commissioned for official expeditions...
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