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Character Template

Post  Kingy on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:51 pm

Name:Insert your name. Nissentian names consist of a first and last name only. Grushafuan names consist of a first name, last name, and clan name. Names in either resistance groups can follow any guidelines.

Age:starting age must be less than 21

DoB:your character date of birth

Height:not too tall, not too short

Weight:obese is best xD jk

Personality: what is your character like?

Description:describe how your character looks or post a picture

Country Affliation:What group do you belong to? Nissentia, Grushafu, the FRF, or the RSRR
Class:all characters start as either squires (for combat classes) ,apprentices (for volition based classes) or medic assistant (for medical classes)

Rank:What is your rank in society?

Equipment: what things does your character carry?

Volition Powers Known: what volition powers does your character know?

Background:Tell us about your character.
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