Volition Powers Template

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Volition Powers Template

Post  Kingy on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:56 pm

Name:Give a name to your awesome volition power

Tier:What tier is this volition power?

Required Class:what classes can use this power?

Unique?:is this power unique to only your character or open to others to learn? (Generally, only volition powers from the Fallen Star are unique. But if a mod or admin approves, you can have a unique power without visiting the Fallen Star)

Range:close range, mid ranged, or long ranged?

Target: who does this volition power target? you or the opponent?

Type: what type of power is this: passive or offensive? (passive powers generally buff the user or debuff the target)

Duration:how long does this power last?

Cooldown period:how long until you can use this power again?
Description:tell us what this power looks like, pictures can be posted as well
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