Lance "Leezy"

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Lance "Leezy"

Post  Lance on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:54 pm

Name: Lance "Leezy"


DoB: July 22

Height: 5'7

Weight: 110

Personality: Quite (Around People He Doesn't Know), Lazy (At Times) , Outgoing, Short Tempered.


Country Affliation: RSRR

Class: Squire

Rank: Lieutenant

Equipment: Gun Staff (Spear), Caltrops(their kinda like those things cops use to pop car's wheels on Need For Speed.) , 2 Black Tungsten Metal Hook Swords, Butterfly Knife. [Since his pants aren't shown in the picture, I'm going to mention that along with his shoes.] He also wears denim shorts 2 inches past his knees along with worn out waraji sandals.

Background: Lance grew up always having the dream of becoming a Knight. His parents were always supportive of his dreams. After deciding that the quickest way of doing this would be to leave and go off on his journey and so it happened. He left Nissentia due to the chaos that was going on in RSRR. He decided to leave Nissentia because of the chaos but usually the civialians were quite annoying and he didn't want matters to get out of control.

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Re: Lance "Leezy"

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