The King of Nissentia

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The King of Nissentia

Post  Kingy on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:23 am

Name:Hyjoo Burnstar

Age: 36

DoB: 10 March

Height: 6'0

Weight:190 lbs.

Personality: distant, introverted.

Description: Grey eyes that pierce the soul when he stares intently. Black hair with streaks of red, a byprodut of exposure to the Fallen Star (keeps hair dyed blonde). Fair complexion.

Country Affiliation: Nissentia

Class: Knight

Rank: King

Equipment: Rending Divide (custom sword), smoke bombs x10, hand crafted golden and bronze armor

Volition Powers Known: Misdirection, Soul Shaking, Warrior's Cyclone, Unending Blade, The End Point, The Other Side

Background: Born to a very prestigious family in the capital of Nissentia, Hyjoo was destined for great things. He got the best training, excelling with minimal ease. He joined the Fafle Shire Order of Knights, oldest and most power of all Knight Orders in Nissentia. He made it to be king only through King Oorey's death. He feels a bit inept living in another man's shadow but that will not stop him. He wants to become a legend in Nissentia.

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Re: The King of Nissentia

Post  Toravisu Haridama on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:14 am

The king is looking sorta feminine...
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