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All exams needed for rank ups shall be posted here. Practical exams must be rped in order to rank up. Answers to written exams must be pmed to me (Kingy).

Soldier Knowledge Test
1.)What is a weapon?
2.)What makes a person an enemy?
3.)What do you do to your enemy?
4.)What is a whetstone?
5.)What is armor?
6.)What is a battle?
7.)What is an ally?
8.)What who does one kill, an enemy or an ally?
9.)What is a mount?
10.)Who issues orders on the battlefield?

Mage Exit Exam
This is a practical exam. All Apprentice who take this exam must demonstrate several volition powers to the exam proctor. The following volition powers must be properly executed: White smoke, Confusion, Shocking Touch, Weaponless Slash, and Blunt Blast. The apprentice must also perform a sixth volition power of their choice. The apprentice will be judged on energy management and ease of execution.

Rouge Exit Exam
This is a practical exam. The rouge taking the exam is tasked with five challenges. They can range from stealing a specific item from a specific person to delivering goods. The purpose of the exam, however, is not to complete the task. The object is to successfully cheat on the exam. Any means the rouge can obtain can be used to complete the challenges.

Medic General Knowledge Exam
1.)What is a Medic?
2.)What is the purpose of a Medic on the battlefield?
3.)What is a herb?
4.)What is a disease?
5.)What is a wound?
6.)What herb can not be use for a collapsed lung?
7.)What herb can be used for even the most potent poison's?
8.)What is the name of the first herb that was covered in class?
9.)What level medic normally runs a hospital?
10.)What rank do you achieve upon passing this exam?
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