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In the world of Nissentia, there arer several different classes. Class progression is based on which path one decides to take.
Squire is the base class for those choosing to be more combat oriented. The class progression of a squire is as follows...

Squire ---> Soldier ---> Sentinel ---> Master Warrior ---> Knight

The Rouge is a secondary fighting class. The class progression of the rouge is as follows...

Rouge ---> Bandit ---> Thief ---> Spy ---> Assassin

Apprentice is the base class for volition based classes. The class progression is as follows...

Apprentice ---> Mage ---> Lord Mage ---> Grand Magician ---> Sage

The Medical Assistant is the base class for all medical professions. The class progression is as follows...

Medical Assistant ---> Interm Medic ---> Medic ---> Chief Medic ---> Supreme Healer


The entrance level warriors. Squires are generally taken under the wing of seasoned warrior. They don't develop very many volition powers throughout their career. Squires are only able to learn up to 2 Volition Powers and are limited to Tier 0.

Requirements: None

The more combat oriented second stage warriors. Squires who chose to become soldiers wish to dedicate their lives to the art of war. Soldiers can utilize battle based Volition Powers, but not very many. Soldiers may learn up to 4 addition volition powers between Tier 0 and Tier 1.

Requirements: Complete 3 errands as a squire. Answer 5 out of 10 questions on the Soldier Knowledge Test correctly. Complete 1 spar.

The stalwart defenders of their beliefs, Sentinels are a force to reckoned with. They are the junior NCO's in any military force, charging into battle with a deafening war cry. Sentinels have little use for Volition Powers, but will use them to turn the tide of battle. Sentinels can learn 3 additional Volition Powers up to Tier 2.

Requirements: Complete 5 missions as a Soldier. Complete 2 spars. Complete at least 1 patrol. Pass the Sentinel Battery Exam.

Master Warrior
On the field of battle, shrouded in mist, stands the Master Warrior. They are weapons experts, and season warriors in the art of war. Their presences in battle is enough to tip the scales. They don't really care for Volition Powers, able to learn only 2 addition powers up to tier 3.

Requirements: Complete 10 missions as a Sentinel. Specialize in 1 or more weapons. Successfully lead 1 or more village raids. Be appointed by the King or Resistance Leader.

The most power warriors of the land. The Knights have proven that they can handle themselves on the field of battle. They command troops into battle and destroy their enemies without hesitation. They use Volition Powers only when their weapons fail. Knights may learn 1 additional Volition Power up to tier 4.

Requirements: Lead at least 10 raids. Complete the 10 Challenges of the Hero.

The rouge is a free spirit who doesn't want to follow the typical rules of society. Instead, rouges chose to do things by their own guidelines. Rouges use volition powers to create the chaos they so love. Rouges may learn 3 volition powers of tier 0.


Rouges who have gained a certain bit of a name for themselves become bandits. Bandits continue to follow their own guidelines, classing a little bit more with the law than in their earlier career. Bandits may learn an additional 4 volition powers up to tier 1.

Successfully rob 2 people. Successfully cheat on the Rouge Exit Exam. Complete 1 spar

If a coin purse disappears from your waist, there is probably a thief nearby. Thieves operate by a set of general guidelines but will do what it takes for the completion of their mission. Thieves will use their Volition Powers to get the job done. They may learn 4 additional Volition Powers up to tier 2.

Requirements: Complete 5 missions as a Rouge. Complete 2 spars. Rob at least 5 people. Pass the Thieves' Dexterity Test.

When you get that feeling that you're being watched, you actually are being watched. Spies are masters of espionage. They serve their leaders by bringing in valuable information. Volition Powers matter to these shadowy warriors. Spies can learn an additional 4 Volition Powers up to tier 3.

Requirements: Complete 6 infiltration missions. Attend the Academy of Espionage. Assist in 3 village raids. Be appointed by the King or Resistance Leader.

When the wind blows and a body falls, an Assassin is the one to blame. They are the greatest killers in the land. They can strike like lighting and be gone just as fast. Their Volition Powers are their best tools. An Assassin may learn 3 additional Volition powers up to tier 4.

Requirements: Complete 10 infiltration missions. Spar the ranking Assassin in the country. Complete 1 assassination mission.

Apprentices are those who want to develop their minds and immerse themselves in the realm of Volition. They take up study with a Mage Guild and learn the intricate nature of Volition and its connection to the Fallen star. Apprentices may learn 5 volition powers of tier 0 and 1 of tier 1.

Requirements: none

Mages have pushed themselves knee deep into the realm of Volition. They know a great deal about using the strange power and do so whenever possible. Mages can be very powerful enemies, or wonderful allies. Mages may learn an additional 10 volition powers between tier 0 and tier 1.

Requirements: Attend 3 classes. Pass the Mage Exit Exam.

Lord Mage
These Mages are looked upon with great respect. They can work wonders with the knowledge they have amassed and do so. Lord Mages can move mountains and part the seas with the powers they have gained. On the battlefield, a Lord Mage is looked to for a boost whether the army is winning or losing. Lord Mages may learn an additional 10 Volition powers up to tier 2.

Requirements: Learn at least 10 Volition Powers. Complete 5 missions as a Mage. Pass the Secondary Mage Exit Exam.

Grand Magician
The very mention of a Grand Magician's name can make a grown man weep. These Volition experts are like living legends. They move through their country with a regal air about them. They know Volition well and can call upon it with graceful ease. Grand Magicians can learn an additional 8 Volition Powers up to tier 3.

Requirements: Learn 20 Volition Powers. Complete 10 missions. Defend homeland against at least one attack. Be appointed by the King or Resistance Leader's personal Sage.

The most wise of all those who study Volition. Sages have given up the limelight they enjoyed as Grand Magicians in order to further their studies. One might never know they have met a Sage, that is until they challenge one to battle. The sky trembles and the earth shakes at the beck and call of a Sage. They not only command Volition Powers, they are essentially walking Volition Powers. A Sage may learn an additional 10 Volition Powers up to tier 4.

Requirements: Learn 30 Volition Powers. Make a trip to the Fallen Star and receive at least 1 unique volition power. Pass the Trial of the Ancients.

Medical Assistant
Those who wish to dedicate themselves to helping others generally chose to become Medical Assistants. They are the lowest level medics, training under a full fledged Medic. Medical Assistants may learn 4 Volition Powers of Tier 0.

Requirements: none

Interm Medic
These Medics are those who are under a probationary period. They have to prove themselves in order to gain the title of full fledged Medic. Most Interm Medics have never experienced combat before. They can learn an additional 5 Volition Powers up to Tier 1.

Requirements: Heal at least 1 person. Spend 3 study sessions with a Medic. Pass the Medic General Knowledge Test with at least a 5/10.

Medics are the back bone of any hospital and/or Medical Corps. They are masters of the healing arts. Some Medics avoid battle, others rush headlong into battle, trusting in their medically based Volition Powers to help them out. Medics may learn an additional 5 Volition Powers up to Tier 2.

Requirements: Heal at least 10 people. Learn at least 5 medical based Volition powers. Spend at least 1 week working on call duty for a hospital.

Chief Medic
Chief Medics most commonly head hospitals. There are some who spent most of their time in battle, helping their comrades. Chief Medics are among the best Medics around. They can heal just about any aliment. Chief Medics may learn an additional 10 Volition Powers up to Tier 3.

Requirements: Heal at least 20 people. Learn at least 10 medical based volition powers. Complete 3 missions as the team medic. Be appointed by the King or Resistance Leader's Medical Council.

Supreme Healer
These Medics, these healers unlike any other, are legendary. They have the power to heal any ill and even raise the recently deceased. They can do so much with their medical talents that some view it as an ill omen to harm a Supreme Healer. These grand healers can learn an additional 5 Volition Powers up to Tier 4.

Requirements: Heal at least 50 people. Take the Medical Oath. Learn at least 20 medical based Volition Powers. Be appointed by the King or Resistance Leader's Medical Council.

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