Nakiami The Silver Shadow

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Nakiami The Silver Shadow

Post  Nakiami on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:03 pm


Age: Approximately 15




Personality:Shy,Quiet,Can be Kind, Aggressive,Hates on the world, Complex.. Loves to point our your flaws.


Country Nissentia



Equipment: A dule pair of Black Steel Macanical Daggers the speical feature of these 2 daggers are the device they have they are embroidered with Spikes all along the edge of the blade and on the hilt there is a Button that when pressed the spikes began to rotate around the dagger almost making like a chain saw mostly used to break the opponets wepon or Skin to make what they are cutting into a lot easyer( broken due to the beast.. A Cloak(lost because iki left it in the forest) and many Kunai.

Abilitys Silent steps, Stradle the line, Overwhelming Fear

Background: Nakiami has no pity for the weak.An eager person to shed the blood of enemeys The aspects of Life and Death mean a lot to her. She knows she has a deeper calling in life, but all was lost, since her memorie fails her she journys to find out what she has lost and meets a few people on her way, whether or not she likes these people mean nothing. Every one is a tool no?

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Re: Nakiami The Silver Shadow

Post  Kingy on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:10 pm

approved, i like this character
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