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Name: Dillon the philosopher

Age: 12

DoB: april 28th

Height:not 5 foot 2 inches

Weight: 97 pounds

Personality: shy, smart, always thinking, always has a lost look, enjoys searching for knowledge

Description:,r:30,s:25 (sorry it wouldnt post Dx)

Country Affiliation: The FRF
Class: Rogue

Rank: Civilian

Equipment: Collapsible bow with five arrows hidden by legs for quick access, two daggers hidden in sleeves, and a plain short sword that is made of durable steel.

Volition Powers Known: quick stun, shocking touch, feint touch, feint arrow and rapid strike.

Background: Dillon was born into a once noble family whose father and mother were great assesses to the kingdom, but when the king started his horrible conquest Dillon's parents flew the country and joined the FRF. His dad being an excellent marksman and swordsmen ranked up with ease. His mother was a renowned healer and could heal many people a day before feeling fatigued. Everything was going well until a fateful day in which his father's scouting party of five were ambushed by a small skirmishing team of forty men. With no where to go the scouting party took to the trees and started picking the men off with ease, but as the limited supply of arrows and under the volleys from the fifteen archers their opponents had three were taken out quickly leaving his father and his fathers comrade alive. Trying to flee both got shot with multiple arrows and their bodies were found the next day. His mother died soon after due to heavy depression leaving him orphaned. All he has left are his portable hunting bow, his dads old training sword, and two daggers. He now mostly keeps to himself training day and night in the art of the shadows to one day go into enemy territory and to retrieve his dads bow, and to take down as many of the nissentinian leaders as he can.

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Re: Philosophical

Post  Kingy on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:45 pm

approved, i love the tragic story
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